Help with Broken Steel level cap limit to 30

HI, all.

I was at level 19.5 and I wanted to go more than lvl 20.  So I got a GOTY disc and lnstalled all five DLCs before hitting lv 20.

Now, at the main screen before the game starts, under Download setting, I do see all five DLCs listed.

In the game, I did receive radio messages about new areas and it popped up on my map.

I did actually go to Point Lookout boat and it let me buy the ticket but I did not proceed.  So that tells me DLCs are working.


After reaching level 20, when I kill enemies and finish small quests, I do not get those xp gained messages on the bottom right side above AP meter, like I used to.

And I think I saw "broken steel installed. level cap raised" message although I am not 100% sure.

Since BS DLC raises level cap to 30, shouldn't I still see  "+15 xp gaines" or whatever when I kill enemies ??   Pipboy Stat says "xp max"

Why am I not gaining more xp even with BS installed?

Any suggestions to how to fix this??

Thank you


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Hey if you could reply to the forum post i made for fallout 3 called "Advice" and the forum post i made on fallout new vegas also called advice...., But about your problem perhaps right when you got into the game it was still loading up the dlc? So you gained some xP and maxed out your level before the dlc was completely loaded. Try reseting your xbox about 3 times, then make multiple save files at different points in the game like one in a city one in the middle of no where ect... And load up those saves multiple times and it should fix your level cap glitch. If this does not work go to an earlier point in the game (like where you made a previous save file) and go back there and see if that fixes it. If that also doesn't work un-install then re-install the dlc while at a previous save file. If all else fails try them all within a 20 minute period and hope that that fixes it. If none if this works it sucks that you lost all that gameplay :/

Fixed the problem by a very simple solution.  Delete the DLC then install again...   I feel pretty stupid now.

Sorry to waste website resource.

After the installation, xp is working again.

Guys! Go check out my forum post called "Advice" please! I need advice.