Help with black ops / console / other games?

Ok so when i play black ops, gta 4, etc. my textures in my game wont buffer and alot of the time wont even load is this normal? Does this have to do with my xbox, Tv, internet connection. It even does it in single player games and i mean all my single player games. I just bought a brand new panasonic 42 inch plasma to I also use a monster HDMI cable.


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Exactly what jaspertodd said,.

Especially if you still have the arcade or one of the older black 360's you might end up with the rrod. My white arcade one started doing that and around a month or so late I got the rrod -_- t

I would say its your 360.I dont know if you have had it for awhile?But when my 360 did that i got the RROD.If you dont know what that means?, it means Red Ring Of Death.....Might have to call c support and ship it to be fixed.

Are you sure your not running the unreal engine?