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Hello everyone, this is Furgie, and some of you may know me from my previous forum posts. Before i begin, if anyone knows of a better thread or website/forum for me to post this on, please let me know. Currently, I am operating all aspects of my company, A-Squad. We have two branches that are currently in operation: A-Squad Gaming, and the A-Squad Hub, both with a respective Youtube channel and website. The gaming side of things incorporates many different written guides and videos, as you may have seen me show off a couple months ago. Things are going well, and a website is currently in development. The Hub however; currently has a fully functioning website and Youtube channel, with one major problem. i have bitten off WAY more than I can chew and now am in need of some help, and what better place to look? I will also be on the Youtube search for small creators interested in helping, but let me give you all a rundown on what will be going on with each branch.


Hub: The Hub is the center of all things A-Squad, along with many other things. The channel will consist of three weekly uploads covering four different news topics: world, gaming, sports, and tech, along with any A-Squad updates. The website will have an individual post for each topic covered, along with an update forum and the ability to explore everything A-Squad has to offer. To see the website in action, check us out here at  I am currently looking for two to three individuals to create, produce, or upload specific videos and posts to the website, along with keeping things in check on both locations. Basically, two of these people will become the Hub spokespeople and creators. This is a fantastic opportunity, with one catch; all A-Squad profits are currently going back into the company, which means any current work is volunteer work. However, current sources of income include Adsense advertising on both the website and channel, which will hopefully allow me to pay very soon. Both are also being advertised using google Adwords, which will increase in volume as uploads increase. Channel: Website:


Gaming: The gaming side of things incorporates in depth game guides and reviews covering the most popular titles of every genre and console. The website will also include live-streaming and written guides of the same games. The gaming is currently running very smoothly with the website in development. I am currently handling the gaming channel by myself, and am going to need a lot of help very soon. (Oct/Nov game craze) I am well aware of the many partnered gaming channels with CN and on Youtube in general, and am hopeful that i can find a couple of gamers to help me out. Recording/ Editing software would be great but is not required. The same volunteer work thing applies, but hopefully as things grow I will be able to distribute money.



Here is the "official" application as well as the website page:

Gaming Guide and Review Creator:

(3 people needed) An individual oriented with gaming and technology that can both record and edit videos for A-Squad. Another ability that is not required but appreciated is the ability to both upload the guides to YouTube and create the written guides on the website. Interested in many different genres and consoles.


  • HD Recording Software
  • One or more gaming consoles
  • Funding to purchase part of or full amount of a game
  • Organization
  • Basic editing and/or commentary skills
  • Ability to upload videos
  • Basic website editing skills
  • Communication and maturity

Website Maintenance and Design:

(2 people needed) An individual who can edit and create pages and design for a website using WordPress. Very basic or possibly advanced coding skill would be a plus, but is not necessary. This position will monitor three different sites, and act as a basic admin.

  • WordPress editing skills
  • Basic coding ability in HTML and CSS
  • Communication and Cooperation
  • Familiar with the internet

Graphic Designer:

(2 people needed) A graphic designer proficient in video and picture visuals of different shapes and sizes. This person must have a moderate skill level with promptness and organization

  • Graphic design ability
  • Software for designing
  • Flexibility and cooperation
  • Patience

Be sure to check out the website/channels if interested, or email me at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** Thank you all for reading, and please contact me with more information or questions if needed.




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