Help!!! Sen's Fortress Boss

Im stuck at this boss with zero Humanity.  Is it possible to leave Anor Londo before you beat it?  I need to go farm Humanity.  I used my last one to reverse hollow and while I was fighting the 2 giants just before the boss I was invaded and annilated.  I also need to reverse hollow and kilndle that last bonfire right before the giants.

I thought this boss would be a little easier since I power leveled in the forest to level 71.  Guess not...  I have 30 Vitality, 30 Strength and 30 Endurance.

BTW after I hit soul level 29 in my strength stopped going up in the right hand weapon.  It is maxed at 240.  What's up with that?

Also, I am refering to the Execution boss duo.


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my advice is kill the dragon slayer first the executioner is easer in a one on one fight, unless you want the dragon slayers souls, than kill him last, the way i did it was on my first play i killed fatboy first then got the dragon slayer in a loop where he was behind a piller and he was stuck shooting his lighting into it while i shot him in the face with flaming arrows, if you go the other route and kill slim first than fatboy is pretty easy wear light armor and bait is gound pound attacks dodge them and hit him when he recovers just make sure to avoid the butt slam it emits lighiting and can take a large chunk our of your health. and don't try to almost kill one then bring the other down first the one you fight one on one will have full health during the second part of the fight. I hope this helps

You can leave Anor Londo at any point. Just be sure to talk to the demon that takes you there and where you start at. When he brings you back, he'll take you to the top of Sen's Fortress again.