Help revive Rockstar Table Tennis

Anyone that has it and cant find matches like myself, send friends request or is there a site I can go to that sets ups tourney / matches etc.  The game is awsome especially to old shoolers like myself...  ThaaaaankQ


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I used to play it on my other gamertag, could never find a match though :( prob to do with my connection..... I don't think i've seen sites that are for it :(

i have the game and want 2 boost the achievements

Hah! I was playing this with my mate at his house last night just for nostalgias sake. Still one of the best games on the system even now.

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i have the game and want 2 boost the achievements


I have just thrown it on my rental list. So if you are willing to a couple of days or do not find anyone else, I will help you get the achievements and vice-versa.


I still have this game. Drop me a message if you want to play some night.

You should check out and look under boosting sessions.