Ok, guys, I have a few douche bags that iv'e been dealing with for the past few hours. It all started when they messaged one of my friends, she is a girl, telling her that her mother died bc she hated her so much. Her mom died of cancer just a few months ago. The kids that are messaging her are her ex-boyfriends friends. So I join there party and they keep telling me that she is a (MOD REMOVED) and that she should go drink bleach because she is worthless. I know some of you may not care about this, but I do and she is my friend. She is in tears because of the things that they have said to her. So please, if you get a spare moment can you PLEASE report, (MOD REMOVED)

From one friendly gamer to another,



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Not your Personal army, just block and move on

I understand your frustration here at the awful treatment of your friend, please follow this link for helpful advise on dealing with harrassment , reporting and blocking abusive users , and please pass these details to your friend if she is on her own tag.

The report will be looked into and acted upon in time , as the pet team will need to raise an investigation. In the meantime your best to block them ---PLEASE NOTE do not communicate with them as this removes the block.

As we are not allowed to name and shame here the tags will be removed by a mod in due course.

Again please follow the link and all the suggestions in there- i hope this helps.

Just blocking communications and reporting would solve this.

Yeah, that's against the CoC.

Eh, it is seen, it will be taken care of in time. Live and let live.

It is against the forum rules to post others gamertags on the forums. Please review the forum rules before further posting.


Also, random people cannot report the actions of other random people. All you can do is what Mantis suggested,and hey will get whats coming to them., delete, block, turn off xbox, etc.  Not hard.