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I just completed Black Ops on Hardened but I haven't been awarded the achievement for hardened or completing the game ?? 


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Did you play it all the way through in one sitting? If not, then there is probably a chapter that you are missing.

How would that be possible though as surely I wouldn't be able to advance a level without completing the previous??

If you have beaten, or even just played, the game before (on an easier difficulty) then some or all of the chapters will be there and you could of accidentally clicked on the wrong chapter.

Sorry no I started the game on hardened and have just save and quit and played on etc

Did you use any cheat codes for zombie maps or anything? Some of the cheats disallow some cheevos, I think.

Entire levels must be completed in one sitting for it to count towards the achievement. If you quit and save in the middle of a level and finish it later, it will not count.

Really that's a bit daft so long as u complete the game on hardened the cheevo should pop should it not