help please..

Is there any place where they can fix my armor for me?


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In skyrim you fix your own armor. Go to a black smiths and you will find a workbench(for armor), Grind stone(for weapons) and other tools for smithing. It will tell you what you need to "craft" a better armor. Usually you can find or purchase the materials needed.

No.  There is no repairing armor in Skyrim and you have to upgrade it yourself via smithing.

Thanks,,,, It wont let me fix my armor even with the tools i have. The level system is hard in skyrim.

Your armour doesn't degrade in skyrim but you can improve it at a workbench to give it better stats and you can also use a grindstone to improve your weapons.

thanks again.

Also you'll need to have the enchanted armor perk unlocked in smithing to improve any type of armor that has it.

Well it won't let you fix the armor since you can't fix stuff in Skyrim. Only upgrade and enchant. First you can upgrade just the basic iron armor etc. and then just pick the perks that match with your armor style. Left for light armor, right for heavy.