help needed!

im doing the thefts in the assignments, i am currently doing grieves and on veichle 6/9 mission is to find a peterliner truck thing.


i found 2 peterliners but the target car thing doesnt come up on map to show where they are so when i pik up a peterliner the blue trail doesnt show up on map to return to chopshop with i doing something wrong?


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No I had a little problem with this one also.  The thing I did was keep driving around till it "popped" the icon  Its in espina, I went to one end and set a maker point to the other.  I moved in and out of streets while going to set maker.


If you dont want to do that you can go to the industrial part near the water.  It will be parked in a way you can jump in and take off.  You will get 3 stars ( I think) after you hop in.


Hope this helps and good luck.

cheers m8 worked a treat.

No worries, glad it happened for ya!