help needed

Im trying to kill the taurus demon, cant figure out how to do a plunging attack also what do I do with the nameless souls    thanks


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I always kill the guys on the tower before I trigger Taurus, so that when I run up there I have time to line up a good jump.  Even if you can't get this part, Zamiel is right about the Gold Pine saps a lot of life from that demon.

Its pretty good to use those Gold Pines thing (which puts electrctricity on your weapon) if you do a successfull plunge attack it takes so much HP from him and then 3 more attacks and he dies

when you come out the misty door run up the battlement to get TD's attention, turn run back and go up the ladder and kill the 2 dudes there. TD will be close behind on the ground. lock on to him and then jump down on his head holding RB or RT can't remember which. RB I think. if u hit him correctly it will take half of his health straight away. after that i nailed him with some long distance magic and some close quarters stabs in the ***. good luck.