Help, multiplayer connection!

ok, so I know I'm a little late getting this game, but I was given red dead for christmas.  Now for my problem, I cant connect to the multiplayer. As soon as I try to connect it goes into a load screen then says that i got disconnected due to connection issues with other players, only I never was able to connect in the first place! can anyone help me here?


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There is a thread ´Red Dead Redemption Online Connection Issue ´ with lots of answers and options :-).

Hope it will help you :-)

Ok, and thank you. Come to find out, it was my NAT type. It was set to moderate and I had to make it open. It works now. YAY!

haven't played this in a while today popped my game in and when i go into multiplayer it goes to load screen then i get backed out onto dashboard whats my problem?

I've heard of that problem before and found this site where others write about the same problems after the new update to the Xbox Dashboard. It seems like it could be anything from a cache that needed to be cleared or parentalcontrol problems