Help. Mic shows "muted" in every game

My mic icon is always shown as muted in every game and party I join, but I can still communicate as normal. Ive looked at my settings and havent found a solution there. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks


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have you recently received a communications ban?

either youve violated a rule and was suspended or your mic is more specific please

^^Im fairly sure its not a ban. I can still communicate normally with everyone. My icon is just always shown as muted in all games and in parties. Its nothing that hinders me playing, its just a minor annoyance

i am also having the same problem

Just for my own clarification, when you say "party" that you join, are you referring to a game lobby with other players, or a Party Chat session? If it's the former, then this might just be a minor glitch with a particular game, as Vytal Signs also seems to have this problem and there's a chance you are both referring to the same game.

I fixed mine by unplugging the mic compleatly powering down the Xbox, turning the Xbox back on the. Powering it down again, plugging everything back in and powering it back up....hope this helps

it could also be that if you are in party Chat, but join a game lobby, your mic will show as muted because you are in a party. Some games will display the mic as muted when you are in XBL party chat.

I am having the same problem but i can only talk to my friends and not other people at all.  It shows that i am muted.  Any help? Is there anyway to see f your acc has any offenses?

If you can only talk to your friends this is because you have set your communications as friends only.

You have to check the text and comm settings on your account. If you're clear there, then you might have been suspended

(from in-game chat) for comm issues, such as foul language or bad sportsmanship. LIVE players won't hesitate to report your obscene language and immature conduct.