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 Okay so my dad is deciding to buy me an xbox 360 250 GB with two controllers, 4 month gold membership, Call of Duty Black Ops, and 1,600 microsoft points.
Now my mom is not too happy about hearing that because she doesn't like me playing games. But when I was 8 she liked to play tekken 4 with me and I am deciding to buy tekken 6 as well but that puts the price of everything at $389.96 almost $400! Also my dad has to ship it to his friend in America and ask his friend to ship it to us here in Asia. So I was wondering should I take out Tekken 6 and wait for my birthday, on October 15 and hope that my dad buys me Tekken 6 for me so that my mom isn't upset that I got the xbox? or should I buy it and pay my dad back with my money, because that is what I was thinking. Also I would have wanted Plants vs. Zombies so that I could play with my dad because my dad really likes that game. and my little brother wanted Minecraft coming in December and my older Sister wanted Modern Warfare 3!

So on my list I have:
Xbox 360 250 gb $300
Tekken 6 $20
Extra Controller $50
4 month gold membership $0
$50 Gift Card $0
1,600 Microsoft Points $20
COD Black ops $60
Plants vs. Zombies $20
Minecraft Pre Order $60
Modern Warfare 3 Pre Order $60

I was also thinking of something like this!

Day Dad Buys Xbox Buy:
Xbox 360 250 gb $300
Tekken 6 $20
Extra Controller $50
4 month gold membership $0                       All of this = HAPPY MOM & ME
$50 Gift Card $0
1,600 Microsoft Points $20
COD Black Ops $60
Pays dad back $20
Total $430

October 15 Birthday:
Plants vs. Zombies $20                                All of this = Happy Dad & Me
Total $20

Minecraft Price: UNKNOWN                        All of this = Happy Brother and Sister & Me
Modern Warfare 3 Price: UNKNOWN

Then my whole family will be happy. Mom gets Tekken 6, Dad gets Plants vs. Zombies, Big Sister gets Modern Warfare 3, I get COD Black ops, & my younger brother gets minecraft.

Make A list out of these items above and and list the total amount, I will check them all and maybe I will pick one of yours instead of my own.
P.S I AM earning the xbox so I get to manage the time everyone plays. Also my mom says if I earn it she wont be mad I got it but my conscience says that I should get her Tekken 6 so that I can be sure not to **** her off. Thx in advance!



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How about buying a Kinect sensor for your entire family to enjoy......

Tekken 6 isn't instantly going to make your mum happy about you getting a games console.

Your best bet here is to have your dad ship the money to you and you purchase the system in Asia where you live.  There can be inherent problems with using a system/electronics from different countries.  One of those problems would be the power problem (different plugs).  

As for you decision on the games, you need to do what you feel is best.

I personally think this is something you need to talk to your parents about. Have a talk with them and see what they say, you can ask them to give it to you as an early birthday present or something.