Help me streamline the Ancient depths Deck

Hey I recently got this game and have been having fun with it. Currently I am sticking to the Ancient depths desk and I am alright with it. I have everything unlocked for it and its a VERY slow deck to start out with so I am looking for some advice on how to stream line it a little more. What cards do you think I should remove? Should I cut it down to 60? Seems like too many cards are slowing down an already slow deck. Thanks for the advice!


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experiment, someones card set may not fit your style of play.

I suspect this is the best deck in the game if built right. i think the only deck that can beat it consistently is the Wielding Steel deck.

To answer your question, I think yes you need to have it at 60 cards. You want to filter out the land as fast as possible and set up your combos. I have a feeling that some of the creatures in the deck (Giant Octopus, etc) are distractions and should be removed. At first glance, they look like they are essential to survive the early game but I think your 1/1 elves and your 2/4 filters should be enough to get you to survive.

But like Kris said, just experiment with different stuff. Remember that you are playing for the end-game the entire time and not for little small gains in the beginning.

all the decks you build in here can and should be optimized to 60 cards.  here is my list for ancient depths...

4 coiling oracle

4 explore

1 treasure hunt

1 compulsive research

4 cultivate 2 assault zeppelid

1 elvish piper

2 explosive vegetation

2 ondu giant

1 ray of replication

3 aether mutation

1 mind control

2 tidings

1 primeval titan

2 simic sky swallower

1 lorthos the tidemaker

1 yavimaya's embrace

1 inkwell leviathan

1 kozilek butcher of truth

1 ulamog the infinite gyre

12 islands

13 forests

i've been playing playing for over 17 years if that adds any value.  i also find that every deck has the correct substitution for the best deck build.  this deck is very slow to build early defenses as you'll be down to 10 life or less by turn 4 with the quicker weenie decks.  but once it gets going, it's great...especially with lorthos out.

My Configuration:


  1. Kraken Hatchling x2
  2. New Frontiers x2
  3. Assault Zeppelid x2
  4. Explosive Vegetation x2
  5. Giant Octopus x2
  6. Levitation
  7. Living Destinyx3
  8. Isleback Spawn
  9. Tidal Kraken

In:  Everything else!


This is the best Configuration I have found thus far.   I only played the deck a little.  I'm not overly impressed.  It's ok, but I think its over-hyped.  It's fun but every game is just a race.   Ramp-Ramp-Ramp- Something Big- Cross fingers it's enough.

There's not a lot of opportunity to set up intricate plays or capitalize on your opponents mistakes.  Meh!

Thanks guys, those are very helpful! I see that you guys get rid of the lower tier monster in option of the bigger guys as long as you can pump out some "mana" (which there are tons of cards to help with this!). I am thinking of cutting out some  of the Coiling Oracles Oracles as well, that way I can have better chances of drawing out better monsters with Polymorph (if I land that). I will take those build orders into consideration and provably build around it. Thanks!

I wouldn't recommend cutting Coiling Oracle.  He's pretty good. 

  1. He's Ramp- You will hit a land off him 40% of the time. 
  2. He's a Dude-  This is important as you will need to block things at some point when your playing T3-T5 Ramp spells
  3. He Always replaces himself,  So Running 4 of him is kindof like playing a 56 card deck!  That is a good thing!
  4. Polymorph just isn't that good in this deck.  It's a shame too, because polymorph is a really good card. However traditional polymorph decks run more non-creature cards that put creatures in play.  3 Aether Mutation just isnt enough.  If we cut the Oracles we simply lose more often to fast decks,  or polymorph sits in your hand as a dead card while you wait for Aether Mutation.  It's better to just think of this as a ramp deck with polymorph in it.  It's kindof a gamble but it's still worth it.


If you are looking to cut small creatures I would cut:

  1. Kraken Hatchling-  It's just worse than oracle.  It's a better blocker, as it can block more than once.  But how many times do you really need to block?  You only need to block the worst of the damage until you are dropping fatties T4-T5.
  2. Assault Zeppelid-  The problem with this card is it's cost.  With all of the 3 and 4 mana ramp spells. This creature just gets left in your hand and is most often a dead card. 
  3. Giant Octopus-  Same problem,  4 mana creatures should do something that's worth it.  ( ie. Edric, Elvish Piper, Ondu Cleric)


Anyways, that's just my 2 cents.   :)

Ok, I re-added the Coiling Oracles. Basically this is what I took out:


  1. Kraken Hatchling x2

  2. New Frontiers x2

  3. Assault Zeppelid x2

  4. Treasure Hunt

  5. Giant Octopus x2

  6. Cultivate x1

  7. Edric, Spymaster of Trest

  8. Living Destiny x2


That means that I have a total of 64 cards on my hand:


 1. Rite of Replication

 2. Explore x4

 3. Compulsive Research

 4. Cultivate x2

 5. Polymorph

 6. Explosive Vegetation x2

 7. Levitation

 8. Living Destiny

 9. Skyshroud Claim x2

 10. Ather Mutation x3

 11.Mind Control

 12. Tidings x2

 13. Yavimaya's Embrace


 1. Coiling Oracle x4

 2. Ondu Giant x2

 3. Elvish Piper

 4. Primeval Titan

 5. Isleback Spawn

 6. Simic Sky Swallower x2

 7. Lorthos, the Tidemaker

 8. Tidal Kraken

 9. Inkwell Leviathan

 10. Kozilek, Butcher if Truth

 11. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre


Opinions on my current setup?

BTW, my xbox keeps freezing and sometimes it tells me that the storage device has been removed before or after a duel basically kicking me to the dashboard. WTF? Doesn't happen with any other game......

Again just my opinion,

Levitation and Living Destiny are both pretty weak.  They both fall into that "Gumming up your 4 drop slots"  category.  Levitation  is a late game play that only shines if you have a bunch of Saproling Tokens in play.  

Living Destiny is just too defensive.  Do you really want to have to stop and lose tempo to gain some life?  Most of the time you will gain about 6-7 life.  But if your opponent follow it up by dropping 2 two drop creatures (or a 2 drop and a 3 drop)  The life is going to be pretty insignificant. Better to just use that time to Ramp and be one step closer to dropping something they can't swing into.

Creatures are Mostly fine.  Personally I think Isleback Spawn is unnecessary because the Simic Sky Swallowers are a lot better, and Tidal Kraken  Dies to a lot of spells for something that cost 8.  I cut them out of my list but that's all pretty minor.

i agree with poo...isleback spawn stinks bc it doesnt fly and tidal kraken tends to be creature killed.  levitation and destiny are too defensive. assault zep > octopus and i feel you need some defense out there to thwart any early attackers.  that's just me :)

the only thing that Ancient Depths loses to is early rushing decks like Vamp, Wielding Steel and Illusions. So I think Balisalisa is right that some early defense is mucho importante

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