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hello my fellow halo 4 players. I have just encountered a new problem in xbox. I was on Spartan Ops and i was playing with 3 other people. Normal game until we got ghosts then this douche got in one and continued to splatter us. Upon further playing i found out this man was a hacker. so i did what any person would do spam the complaint file on his profile but i want to make sure something happens to him so i tried to talk to an ambassador they won't help me. So i turn to the players themselves. Please my fellow halo fans if you see this player ([Mod Removed]) of you search his name please do the right thing and SPAM his complaint box and maybe send him a "nice" message about how you don't like how he's treating the great franchise of Halo. I would be great full to see this tyrant be put down. thank you for reading and have a nice day message me if you have a solution to this vermin


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Hi there. Please don't call out other players on the forums. The forums are not the place to report other users. Simply file a complaint against the user via your console. That's all you have to do.

Also, there isn't a need tell others to spam his message inbox with so-called "'nice' messages." It doesn't really make you any better than the supposed "hacker."


Thank you.