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Hey, this is gonna be a wierd question but I'm gunna ask it anyways. So I love sniping, I'm just not the best at it. If someone could become sort of my mentor on how to snipe and give me one on one lessons that would be great. Youtube vids just arent helping me. I do have a youtube channel that I'll credit you on and if you have an account put you in my sub box. Please leave a comment below. I really wanna be good at sniping on MOD3. Thanks


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Well if you want to be an effective sniper learn the different ways to snipe. That includes camping in a building with a good vantage point, camping behind cover with a good vantage point, quick-scoping, drag-scoping, no-scoping. Also knowing when to switch to a secondary. Work with different sensitivities, I prefer to play on 7 for everything including sniping, some people like lower sensitivity when sniping. If you are just wanting to quick scope the whole time, turn it up to 10 and sprint around the map jumping and doing 360s and randomly pulling both triggers at the same time when you see an enemy.

That depends if you are talking about sniping, or if you want to quickscope. Some dont seem to know the difference.



  If its sniping you want to do, its all about stealth, patience and map knowledge.



   I run blind eye/assassin (pro is a must because of the gamertag ) and either marksman or sit rep.



   Blind eye allows you to hang out in the open watching .......... others are distracted by the air suppport, so it gives you a little edge there. You can also watch for smoke trails from launchers. This is especially helpful in ffa, where you have 7 other players launching support, and 7 players trying to take it down. When I'm on a team I hang back when we have our own support up looking for those guys who run assassin and blind eye, but dont consider how easy launchers give them away.



   Marksman will allow you to identify targets farther away. Sounds like a no-brainer here, but what I have found is that using marksman at least for a while showed me places I have a shot at, that I didnt even know I could see before. Sit rep lets track down enemies ..... most campers or snipers will have some kind of equipement close by.



   After you've played whatever game mode you like for a while, go into a private match and walk around looking for good places to hide, with a view of high traffic areas. Learn what routes they will be taking on their normal gameplay, and specifically what ways they can flank you.



   Hide in places people wont think to look. While windows generally give a good view, they are also the first places enemies will look for you. I prefer to find a spot outside where I can snuggle into a dip in the ground amongst debris or bushes. Sometimes laying right out in the open fools the enemy more than trying to hide. They are looking for you in a hiding spot ........ not laying right in the middle of the street or somewhere like that.



   Have patience and hold still. Movement and firing draw attention. I have people walk right beside me constantly without knowing I'm there. If my gut tells me to move, I will, but most of the time its better to just stay put and be quiet. Chances are, they will just walk on by, and you can go for the kill once they get farther away. ......... Dont take the shot if you arent pretty sure you'll get the kill. Sniper rifles arent that great for battling with an ar. If you fire and miss, thats whats going to happen.

   Use killcams and theater to identify your mistakes. Watch and see what gave away your position, and dont do that no more. But theater is helpful becaus


e there are plenty of places that seem like good hiding spots, but really arent. Use free roam to move around looking at your position from different angles.



 Launchers arent stealthy ............... first of all, I meantioned the smoketrail, but its also bad having one on your back when prone somewhare in the bushes. I've watched many killcams where it seems the guy just stopped to see what weapon that was laying on the ground, and hen noticed it was attacjed to a person. This goes for any large secondary. Stick with a smg machine pistol or pistol.



   Use a silencer. Unsilenced rifles are one of the most attention drawing things in the game. I like using the barret, the rsass, or the mk14 with acog or thermal (mk only). They all have a pretty high fire rate, which you will need because of the reduced damage from the silencer. Practice firing 2 or 3 really quick shots.



   Use your scope to make for a harder killcam for the enemy to locate you. thats one thing I dont like about the acog. If you try to stay scoped in 3 or 4 seconds before and after firing, it doesnt give a good a view of where you are at.

All-in-all, though, it's about practice. Take a Snipe and give it a shot. Someone could tell you what to do, but all that'll do is get you frustrated because you can't do it as well as they can.


Practice man : ) Figure out where you want to be on a map, whether you want to be standing, crouching or prone, which perks you like the most and so on. Try all the Snipes out and try all of their attachments out too. Try the different secondaries out too, but this is fairly easy since you're looking at Handguns or Machine Pistols and the Machine Pistols will probably be a little better for you.


Different Perks for different styles. Quickdraw will help you zoom in faster, which is good if you want to watch a larger area, and Slight of Hand will help you reload the weapons with small clips and swap to your secondaries for tighter maps or if you're not confident enough to defend yourself with the rifle.


Just try everything out, basically :D