help me i need my exp reset to 0

joined a ranked match shot 1 guy got -254578776465 exp i cant join any games can xbox live help with this to rest set my exp back to 0 so i can lvl was a lvl 14 now i am a lvl 1 with -254578776465 exp can any 1 help me 


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man this not cool lest all play minecraft on pc

there is nothing you can do other than play on a new account.

you can only play online if a friend invites you to their game

Xbox and Activision will do NOTHING about this. I've been complaining to them for a year, I haven't been able to play online in a year. They don't care. They just accuse ME of hacking, they don't understand the problem at all and don't care. Boycott them. Don't renew your Xbox Live membership, and get a different console some day.

What happen to your profile axe?

I only use it here in the forums. I have a different profile for online game play. There was no action from Xbox or Activision. Activision is "working on it" and have said that for a year. Xbox says it is Activision's problem as they have the data on their servers. That leaves users with no solution except to pay for another gamer tag just to use CoD 4. R-I-P O-F-F.