ok,i have finished the main game and have just 5 riddler puzzles left,they are all in the caves but i cannot find a way in,i can get in the bat cave and all around the caves including the crocs lair and the delapitaed area where you can`t use the grapple gun,but i cant find a way in SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ,IM GOING MAD.

i have gone online to see other people with the same problem but no-one offers an answer,i know you guys on here won`t let me suffer,will you?


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I want to answer you, but I'm not sure exactly where you mean?  The "delapitated area" you speak of would've been my guess for "the caves", but there's also a similiar area in the Botanical Gardens.  If it's the latter, there's a ventilator grate with some of Joker's spraypaint all over it that leads there, it's just before the stairway down to the Aviary.  The other area can be reached by entering through another ventilator grate after exiting the batcave that's higher up.  After passing the waterfall area turn right after going all the way to the end of that corridor and your there.  Again, I'm not sure if this helps for I had a little trouble understanding where you meant...:-)

thanks for that,i did manage to find my way in eventually

nice one