Help me fill my friends list

Please add me guys. I know it's stupid but I just want to max out my friends list and be cool lol. Thanks.

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Maxing out your friends list makes you cool?

I missed the memo :(

No need to create the same thread in two different forums. Try participating in the discussions and gaining friends that way

I must of missed that memo too.

The Facebook generation is rampant these days.  

My friend list is maxed.....   6 is enough.

"The Facebook generation is rampant these days".




I'm thoroughly unimpressed, personally.


If you getting a XB1. You need more then just 100 people to con to do it. But you not. And they do not updated cap on the 360,WP8 and WIN8. Then it easy to do. But if they did. Then you will have get that 1000 people be friends. If it true. I be friends with epic and played games with each other. Maybe get the invade 100 friends. If you can used the same friend to invade. But I not holding my breath thought.

Why fill it out now when we are getting ready for next gen? You wil just leave them behind or they will leave you behind.

Just change your gamertag to something girly. Instant friends ; )