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Hi all,

I'm trying to get 100% Challenges complete on Local Multiplayer (i.e. split screen), but am stuck on a few of them.
The way I normally play is with two players on Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch, and deliberately stage the challenge to complete it.
Could you please explicitly explain how to complete them, any tricks which would make them easier, and specify any changes in the way I play local SS.

Free-for-all Victor: I - Place first, second or third in three Free-for-All matches.
         I connected a third profile in local split-screen, played a short match so I would inevitably finish in the top three, but no progress was made toward the challenge.

Airborne - Get a 2 kill streak with bullets while in mid air.

The Brink - Get a 3 or more kill streak while near death (screen flashing red)
         I set regeneration to none and killed the second and third player, but did not achieve the challenge. Do I need to set a 3 killstreak reward in order to achieve this?

The Bigger they Are...
... the Harder they Fall -
Kill the top player 3 (/5) times.
         It seems pretty easy, but I just can't seem to achieve this one. Is there a specific game type and settings I need to have?

They're the only ones I can't get, apart from ones which need 4+ players which I can't do on local split screen.
Cheers for the help,


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Boost much? Just play the game and the challenges will come.