Help is on the way!

Hey all u COD4 fans! I called Xbox today to inquire about upgrading an old silver gamertag of mine. It was a gamertag that had been idle for about 3 years. I did explain to the Xbox employee that I had heard a patch or fix was in the works for COD4 and I was considering upgrading my silver accounts to be able to play. Without revealing the particulars, I was assured that it is being SERIOUSLY looked at. MW2 has been fixed and they are beginning to concentrate on WAW and COD4. So hopefuly, real soon, we will be able to play our FAVORITE, COD4 minus the hackers/cheaters/scumbags, etc.

I did take a look at the suspension forums a moment ago, and more and more of the WAW cheating scumbags are being dealt with. It would not surprise me to start seeing the COD4 riff raff being dealt with shortly.

I wish I could divulge the name of the person that helped me today. But I will say this person was EXTREMELY helpful in sorting out the particulars of my idle account. I'll be totaly happy when the fix is in and I can enjoy COD4 once again. I'll be using my old tag on COD4, because my son and I have so much time played on that account, with a few (legit) gold guns and just shy of having more golden guns. You know, after you have finished so many challenges, the only thing left is to go for the guns. So, stay tuned, you COD4 nuts. Help is on the way!!!!!!!!!


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This backed up by Robert bowling it is now time to start getting excited again :)

I got the same response over 2 months ago so i added a 3 month gold subscription,im still waiting.

This game is dead. I will never purchase another Activision/IW title again.

Furthermore, I play a console over PC because it is supposed to be a managed community, free of hackers (or at least relatively free). XBoxLive and Activision have basically given their paying customers the middle finger in dealing with this whole thing. At least with the PC versions of these games it is free to play and the lobbies are managed.

Probably won't reup on XBoxLive because of this issue.

Dream on...


Dream on...


Dream on...


*high pitched yell* Dream on...

This is why I will wait until the game is fixed. No more of MY money going into the pockets of M$ until they start taking a harder stand..........

Help better be on the way. I want to play my precious COd4 online without hackers in every game!

agreed, and if they could take the quickscopers with the hackers,,,,oh the endless bliss that would be :)