Help is needed very fast!

How can i put off the auto brake?  I've read some other post and they said somthing about difficulty setting but i can;t find them anywher :(

plz help!


greats submarin44


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It should be on the menu before you start a race

Might as well turn the rest of the assists off while you're at it :). With the exception of TCS for some cars

Difficulty > Autobrake

get a sterering wheel and pedals, you will never look back, its the only way to play.

you only really need TDC for R1 cars and some BHP rich cars, tho even with them all on, the autovista challenges are so very hard, am giving up on them till my skill level imporves ha ha

lol my profile>difficulty i think cant remember how to get into it but there is a way to change your difficulty settings

Wait, the Autovista challenges are hard? I thought they were easier than any other races

no auto vista challenges are easy as hell if you make sure you have auto brake and steer assistance off

Oh, Autovista has challenges? I thought it was just a boring showroom. Thanks, I'll go in the room and check it out!

^^^ I thought the same thing.