Help in Whiterun

I am stuck in Whiterun with Hadvar continuously following and wont leave me alone, plus his sword is drawn like he wants to attack and its only in Whiterun it happens. Quite annoying. How do I get him to stop? I tried the fast travel to riverwood and back, I tried the get as close as possible to him and save then go to load and reload the game. Both should have fixed the glitch I guess it is and nothing works. I have it as xbox360. I need help on how to fix or stop it.


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Another fix is to complete Honor Thy Family by attacking a Dark Brotherhood Initiate at the Dawnstar Sanctuary and paying a fine to Nazir.
I can't promise you it will work but it may be worth a try, all credit for the soloutuion goes to UESP Wiki and the Skyrim pages.