Help i'm stuck

I'm going through the campaign on hardcore first time around...

I'm on the level 'Halvo bay military academy: courtyard' and i'm trying to do the declassify mission which is 'finish before poison gas deploys 3:30 - failure will result in death'.

I've tried this a silly amount of times now and it just seems impossible, unless i'm missing something? This is the first part in the game to cause me any trouble at all,.

I can kill all the locust outside and then get inside the building, kill the rager things (that turn red) that are in there, and then by the time i get down the corridor past the tickers and into the next room full of locust the time is up and the gas kills me.

Anyone done this yet? please shed some light on it for me, it's driving me crazy.

Thanks all


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I haven't done this stage on Hardcore yet. Essentially though, you would want to make it up by the turret with about 2:00 left and have the outside courtyard cleared. You also don't want to destroy the turret. Once the outside courtyard is cleared, don't bother jumping right onto the turret because after the cutscene, they place you behind it. Jump onto the turret and take out the first one that comes charging at you. They die much quicker when you aim for their heads. Toss a grenade or two inside the building after you kill the first one (or use the Boom Shot if you have ammo), to get the other ragers to morph. If they didn't die in the initial grenade blast, they should be weaker and an easier target to take down. You should have between 1:00-1:45 left (for me it was closer to 1:00) at this point. Roadie Run into the building, down the steps and go toward the back of the warehouse. On the left is the exit, which you have to climb on the platform to get to the door. Hop up onto the platform and kill whatever tickers you see. The rest of the squad will be behind you trying to mop up the enemies you ran past. If you can see them through the gas, kill them. If you still have Boom Shot left, use it. Once you clear the room, you should have between 00:45-00:15 left. You're already at the exit so you won't have to panic to find it. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the info man..

My times are a little off compare to yours though, it seems pretty hard on hardcore..  I managed to just get to that final room and clear it (my character said 'look there's the exit', but then i ran out of time again and died.  I have found it quicker to chainsaw the 3 ragers inside before they morph, but i still can't actually get into the building before about 1:30 left.

Guess i'll keep trying.

Thanks again man

No problem. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help!

My suggestion is get a few friends involved. The bots will act slower than actual players. Eating up your time. I was playing on hardcore and had the same issue. So I just skipped the De-classified mission for this stage. If you can do it alone more power to you. Good Luck.

It took me forever to get through this one, but this is how I did it.  Equip the Retro Lancer and Boomshot before selecting the declassified mission.  If the scorcher is there instead of the Boomshot you can restart or scavenge it later.  I prefer restarting.  Save all the Boomshot ammo for the lower room inside and scavenge ammo from the Boomers outside until you have six shots.

When you bust through the door Roadie to the raised platform straight ahead (far right side of the map) and use the Oneshot.  If it isn't there consider restarting.  With a perfect active reload it goes right through Boomshields.

When all that ammo is depleted flank the turret on it's left side from the dark alley near the Oneshot and toss a Frag for a clusterluck.

That should just about clear out everything in the courtyard.

When the Rager busts through the door your Retro will take it down fairly quickly.

Move up to the door and get a Frag in there to hopefully take out two Ragers at once.

Retro charge any left before they Rage out.

When they're all cleared out Roadie to the lower room and start Boomshotting the groups of Locust and tossing Frags if you have any left.

Mop up any survivors with the Retro.

I did this on Hardcore and ended up with around 20 seconds to spare.