Help, I'm "Not Connected to Xbox Live"


You are not connected to Xbox Live and will not be able to access this feature."

Every time I try to go into matchmaking, try to join a friend (via invite), check my achievements, etc etc I get this message despite being connected to XBL.  

I have no connectivity issues with any other games.

What I've tried:

1. Exited the game.

2. The Hard Rest/ Full Reboot/ Power Cycle, whatever you want to call it. I tried this already.

3. Hoked up to someone else's internet (in case it was something to do with my net settings)

4. Cleared local saved games.

5. Cleared the cache.

6. Uninstalled, then reinstalled the game.

I am at a complete loss! No one I've talked to has had this issue any time recently and connect to the game just fine. 

Any suggestions?


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