Help! I Can't Reply Threads So I Can't Post!

What is going in on? Is there something wrong with my internet or computer? Because as the title says, I can't reply threads so I can't post, like for example I want to reply to that new thread asking about which gaming world would you like to visit but I just can't reply, any ideas on what should I do so I can reply and post on threads again?


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Its just playing up today. I click reply, and it takes like 2 minutes to actually open the reply box

I already have waited 2 minutes and more and still nothing got fixed, I can perfectly post and reply on my iPod Touch but not on my computer, any more help that I still need to fix this?

Ah ok, ignore my question in the other thread then (saying that you're already replying).

The only thing that I was able to do to fix it (this was a week ago when it was messing with me) was to clear my cookies, and delete my temporary internet files. I logged off, then back on, and it was working again although i've heard that this doesn't work for all

Okay I'll try..

Hey thanks it works now! :D

the forum was more slow than normal /

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Hey thanks it works now! :D


My pleasure

You would think they would have resolved this bug by now.

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Maybe, I imagine it would be hard, as it seems to pop up randomly and for different people