Ok so I am a noob so help please:

I purchased what I thought was a 2  car garage for 32,000. Locted near the Electric plant.  I drove my "special" car to it (I have bought upgrades for this car and all). I parked it in the garage. I then left and jacked another car and took it to my garage. When I pulled it into the garage it said I had to replace my car with the new one so I said no. But drove into the garage. I left the garage with the car and got it inpounded. I went back to my garage and my "Special" car is not there. So I jacked another can and took it to the garage a option came up to replace my "s[ecial" car or the inpounded car with the new car .

My problem is where is my "special" car. It keeps saying its in their but I do not see it. Not to mention I thought this was a 2 bedroom thing and I only can get in the garage. Please help. I have put alot of $$ into the upgrade on my "special car.


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have you tried calling your mechanic and see if the option for him to bring your car is there and also have you tried calling your insurance to see if you need to make a claim

Cops could have it impounded, and you can go get it if you want (find it on the mini-map), but don't sweat if you don't.


If it's not there (or even if it is - you can wait until it's destroyed rather than go steal it back if you want). CALL MOORS INSURANCE on your phone, make a claim. Then go pick it up, or just go on playing and get your mechanic to deliver it (there's a distance thing from your garage or vehicle that you'll figure out) or just quit to another session (after you make the insurance claim) and it'll be in your garage.


Of course if you klutzed up and accidently sold it it's gooooooooooooooone. But in every other situation your mechanic will find it for you IF it's not destroyed (and you haven't claimed) OR the cops have it.

Your problem here is that you do not seem aware that once you put a car in your garage it gets insurance and a tracker on it and becomes your special car. You can have as many special cars as your garage can hold. If you had your first car out of your garage, then put another newer car in your garage, then the second car was put as your special car over top of your first car. Your first car is either gone, impounded, or might even be where you left it. Im not sure. You can see if your mechanic can pinpoint it for you. You may need to call your insurance if it was destroyed by the impound. Also your property that you bought is just a garage. its not an apartment and a garage. Im afraid you must pay a lot more than 33,000 to get a apartment or a condo with a garage. Read the description for the property online inside your phone on the left side you scroll down and it lists all propertys.

you don't automatically get insurance, you automatically get the tracker (for putting it in your garage). u still need to buy insurance.


try walking into the blue circle on foot to go into ur garage. once in there you will see what cars are 'yours' and are saved in there.  if it's not there try calling the mechanic/ins. company.  if you don't find it with any of those three it's likely gone, if not at the impound.  if that's the case then make sure that the next time you bring a car your garage, you have room for it.  take the car you want to replace out of your garage, then put the new one you want to keep in your garage.  You may have to go sell the car you're getting rid of before you can put the new car in, not sure.  I've only did it once and i was thinking i had to go sell the old one first because i remember having to leave the Dominator i had found outside my garage (the $33,500 one in Rockford) to go sell my old one and i was so nervous that the Dominator might not still be there when i got back, but it was.