Help! Find save data, copy to cloud?

Hello all.  I am playing Magic 2013 on someone else's Xbox while I stay at their place, but I downloaded my own profile.  I want to make sure my save data is stored on the cloud, so I don't lose my progress and card unlocks when I go back home and use my own Xbox.  The trouble is, I can't find the save data anywhere!  

It is not in >Settings>System>Storage>Cloud Saved Games.

It is not in >Settings>System>Storage>Hard Drive>Games and Apps>Magic 2013.

The five items there are (1. Magic 2013 (2. Deck Pack #1 (3. Deck Pack #2 (4. Deck Pack #3 and (5. Multiplayer.  There is nothing else.

What's the deal?  It is saving my progress somehow, somewhere.  How do I keep from losing my progress when I go home?  Thanks for any help!

Can't find those new decks anywhere either, but there is thread about that already hehe.


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OK, so I went home and downloaded the game on my own Xbox.  And boom, my card unlocks and campaign progress are all there.  I didn't do anything to move them over.  They must save your profile's progress on a server and grant it automatically when you log in.