Help! Connection issue when playing with friends only.

So I can join any multiplayer myself and can join a random squad in the games when required.  I have the VIP thing as well.

My NAT is open according to the network test. I don't get a pop up or exclamation in one of the 5 circles between I think the router and Xbox.


Playing with friends in a party is a problem. When I accept the game invite, 1 of 2 things happens.

1)"Cannot connect to EA servers"


2)"Kicked from squad"


Any thoughts?

Again, open NAT and I can play the regular multiplayer stuff no problem by myself.


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try clearing your cache under memory options. you'll be prompted to update when you start the game again, but that's normal. gook luck

One option online seems to be to disable the uPnP option on my router. I'm not exactly in the know with these things although I do know how to disable it but what effects would it have on my wireless connection, the PC and Xbox connecting as well as Wifi?

not sure, that's a bit over my head. something else that helps is setting your xbox connection through your router to a DMZ connection, by passing all firewalls

Got a response from EA. Not sure why I'd have to set my date to some other time...guess I'll give this all a go.


Hi Carl,

Thank you for contacting EA Technical Support.

I apologize for any inconvenience. I understand you are having trouble playing your game online.

We will need some more information to help locate the exact issue:-

Prior to this issue beginning, were you able to play online? And was there any change to your online setup? That may shed some light on what is causing this difficulty.

I would also request you to refresh your online connectivity through Xbox Live. The first thing you can do is to powercycle your modem. This is done by unplugging your modem from the power supply and letting it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes and then plugging it back in. During this time, you can reset your Xbox 360's time and date setting to the 11/15/2005 by following the below given steps.

• Press the Xbox Guide button on the controller to enter the Dashboard.

• Sign out of Xbox Live by pressing the X button.

• Select the System blade.

• Select Console Settings and press the A button.

• Select Clock and press the A button.

• Change the date to 11/15/2005 and press the A button to accept.

Combined, these steps may be able to refresh your console's connection to Xbox Live and resolve most, if not all of your connectivity issues.

Another thing you can do is to check the ports for Xbox Live. Connection issues typically are caused by one or more ports being blocked by a firewall, router, or even your Internet Service Provider to help maintain security. These ports are the doorways used to send and receive information between your computer and the server. First, try to bypass your router (if you have one) and see if the game can connect. If it does, then it means that the router itself may be blocking the needed ports for the game. If you are still unable to connect, the ports may be blocked directly by your Internet Service Provider.

The ports for Xbox Live are below. You may have to configure your router/firewall to have the game's ports open in order to connect to the servers properly. If you do not know how to configure your router, you can contact the manufacturer of the router for proper instructions. If you need to contact your ISP regarding these ports, make sure that they are open for both incoming and outgoing directions:

UDP Ports: 88 & 3074

TCP Port: 3074

I hope that this will resolve the situation. If you have any other questions, then by all means feel free to let us know. You can also refer to our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase at for common technical questions.

Thank you,


EA Online Support