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Ok. Just trying to figure out if anyone else has experienced this. And if so how to resolve it. I signed on to BO2 this afternoon and got a weird message saying all my classes have been reset. I am in 2nd prestiege and should have 2 CAC's unlocked. However when I signed in, I had only 5. My 2 permanent tokens were restored  and I was able to unlock just one custom class through the prestiege menu. So now I have 6. I had about 25 unused tokens that were erased as well.

I've been searching Google for any similar issues, but I just find people's ranks begin reset. My rank has remained the same. I've just lost my create-a-class slot. Could be worse, but I'm wondering if it'll happen again. Hope not. Anyone else hear or experience a similar issue?


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you musta been reported as a cheater and they musta reset you

This is something else.  Google this issue and you will see a lot of people experiencing it in the past several weeks.

^ There are a lot of cheaters out there.  But it doesn't sound like the OP was reset for cheating, otherwise he'd get a rank reset too.  Sounds like 3arc goofed on something. I'd e-mail their support team.

This is a bug authored by treyarch. And they aren't doing anything about it. The problem starts when you play a local game and return to multiplayer. Reset classes and stolen tokens and perm unlocks can be made up with more gameplay. lost calling card and cards you haven't earned is another associated glitch. Some can't be re-earned. One thing not mentioned is you will no longer be able to play custom games. And that is unexceptable.

Does this one look like it could help?  Reset