help: cant use c1 vette in american muscle drag online

ok i got my vette built up and tuned but it wont show up in my selectable cars online, am I missing some requisite someplace? I'm under all that I know, 594 hp, 2543lbs should be good right??


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You are going to your garage to select your car right? If so, then just double check everything again. Also, I can't remember what year the car is, but it has to be at least a 62 I believe. Otherwise, it should be there.

'62 huh, the vette is a '53 i believe but I could swear I ran against one in my 442 the other day, that must be it though, thanks man

There is no '53 Vette in FM4, the C1 Vette is a '60 or '61, i dont remember, and it's not eligible for American Muscle Car Drag Racing