Help! Can't leave Wheel of Misfortune.

I went to do another session of Wheel of Misfortune, but it's not working and I'm stuck in the room with the wheel.  I can't switch quests because it says I have to complete my current quest.  The wheel isn't doing anything and I can't leave the wheel room because the door is locked.  What do I do?  I tried reloading the game, but it's still glitching.  How to I either get the wheel to work or leave the quest altogether?


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Happened to me the other day. I went to my Dashboard, thus quitting the game. Started the game again & was no longer stuck. Have not been back to that area again yet.

Yeah this happened to my first save file, which was AGES ago, and for some reason, I saved it. NOT what you want to do, if you get stuck in the room, like Mike said above me, either dashboard it or just simply load up the game save, just don't save.