Help!!! Banned for no reason!!!!

Ok so here is the story: I saved my game to the cloud to go play it at friends house on his Xbox. Everything was fine and dandy, we built a car and bought a design from the games storefront and had some fun.I then went home and reloaded my game and transferred back to my hardrive. As I was playing the game I went to the storefront to buy another design and all of sudden this popped up: YOUR GAMER PROFILE HAS BEEN FLAGGED BY ANTI-CHEAT MECHANISMS. YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO USE THIS GAMER PROFILE WITH THE AUCTION HOUSE OR OTHER TURN10 SERVER FEATURES. Why did I get banned when I did absolutely nothing wrong? I never have been banned from anything and all of the sudden this *** happened. Can anyone fix this? What do I do? I called Microsoft and they gave some reference number: 1216382250

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You probably going to get more luck if yo post in their forums

The forums have nothing to do with bans from a game publisher. I would suggest you email Turn10 *** Email address is removed for privacy ***