help almost temp banned from matchmaking

my friend named XXX is kind a an stupid moron he can't seperate allies from enemies very well and so he kept team killing by accident now everyone that he killed booted us like 15 times now i got some information screen saying

you have left to many games recently if you leave anymore you won't be able to re-enter matchmaking right away


is there any way to fix it (or tell bungie about it)





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dang, they must be pretty bad!!! im colour blind and still play just fine! unless you dont play with him/her you cant fix it, the rules are there for a reason...............

If Bogalo can't tell the opponents by colour and he still does fine I don't really see an excuse to be honest.


Either he's ridiculously poor as a player or he's doing it deliberately, but he's successfully killed a lot of people for someone who isn't good enough to tell teams apart.... .

Just don't quit anymore games for any reason and don't play with your friend for a few days and the quit ban should reset itself.