Hello! Titanfall (XB1) Anyone?

Hello thanks for reading, this is my first post on here. I'm basically looking for some friends to play Titanfall with. Whether you're a girl or guy doesn't matter. I have male friends and female friends on the 360 and we've all gotten along great, however they don't have the Xbox One nor Titanfall and that's the game I'm currently REALLY into. I have the CoD games for the 360 but I'm not really into them (plus I suck at CoD) yet for some reason I do extremely well in Titanfall. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, if you're up for partying or playing a few games together add me to friends! Also please send me a messaging telling me that you added me to friends or else I wouldn't know. I don't think Xb1 gives friend notifications. In case my GT doesn't show up properly on the left, my GT is "Asuran Zara"


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I will probably be getting it with titanfall in june.

Add me sometime! My GT is over to the left (GransIsland), and Titanfall is pretty much the only online game I play (terrible at CoD and BF), although I'm looking in to trying out some Dead Rising 3. I'll send you a friend request :-) I'll be on probably tomorrow morning and am almost always on Sunday mornings.

Also do you have TF for X1 or 360 or both?

Feel free to send me some FR's over :)