hello gamers of the world!

Hi there all ive been on xbox live for some time now but to be honest i wish i could be blabbing down the mic with people playing Gears 3, Halo Reach, Crysis 2,  Cod MW3, and of course Battlefield 3 plus other games where has all the fun gone been on many a time NO CHATTER AT ALL!! whats the point of having mics people if no one speaks hehe esp in team games or just banter so i guess the point im trying to make is if anyone is looking for chat and some good fun gaming add me and i will catch you online! hope to hear from you peeps soon c ya darthtater76 


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I joined about 15 random Rainbow Six Vegas 2 games last night and I left all of them but one because they were dead quiet. I hate it too.  Finally I joined a game where people were talking and we had so much more fun because of it.  Sometimes people are quiet in games because they are SUPER SERIOUS and are striving to be the very best.  YAWN.

Sometimes LIVE seems like that, othertimes, it's too much talkin' LOL...just keep makin friends to play w/ in lobbies.

Hi there :)

Come over and take a look at www.gaminginn.co.uk [ GiN]. All of our members are aged 25+ and extremely casual gamers / as in RL>Xbox, but always someone online to game with.  We mostly play BF3 on our own server, but there are lots of game nights to look at too, and you can off course add your own.

See our post in this forum for more details or contact me on XBL o NORFY o / Twitter @NORFY_