hellboy the science of evil

does anybody have hellboy the science evil and are wanting to play online with me because I have been wanting to try the multiplayer on the game but I can never find anyone and when I create a lobby no joins so if anybody has the game and wants to play online send me a message and let me know please


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If you would have asked this a month ago, I would have helped. I finally traded it in last month

dang its like near impossible to find anybody who has this game

Is the game even any good?

It's the best Hellboy game there is. ^_^

It is a good brawler, But I'm in the same boat with Dante- traded it in a few months back. If you find either of our copies it's a good play. Especially if you like Hellboy.

yea it is but the storyline is a little short

so does anybody even have it or has everybody gotten rid of it

please guys only respond if you have the game