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I'm having some trouble getting my Heli controls to match up with how I used them in BFBC2.  In Bad Co. 2, they had an option simply listed as Bad Co. 1 control scheme, that pretty much just used the analog sticks to fly.  However, I can't seem to find the right set up in the BF3 options that matches that particular control scheme.  I currently have Heli buttons set to ALTERNATE and sticks to DEFAULT  but things don't seem quite right yet.  Anybody got any suggestions?


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I never knew that you can change the controls for the the helicopters in BFBC2... anyways what does it do when you pull down the right thumbstick? (clearly haven't played BF3 yet, I live in the UK)

southpaw feels the same... not 100%, but with this i actually could fly away and stay in the air.. lol

All of the vehicle controls in this game are horrible.

Been playing as Legacy controls. Definitely change to any other type of controls before even trying to fly. Default is terrible.

Legacy is the way to go.  Or legacy south paw.  Both are good, just a preference at that point.  But yes, Legacy controls for choppers.

My issue was with the roll controls. I accidentally roll the helicopter left/right when I really mean to TURN the helicopter left/right. I still do it by accident, but it happens much less with Legacy.

The reason people crash so much is because the helicopter doesn't auto-center itself when you take your fingers off the sticks. This is the way most games handle helicopter controls. You could argue that the controls are more "realistic"... except most modern helicopters in real life actually do have "auto level" assists.

If DICE could at least give us a toggle option to enable auto-center the helicopters would be flyable. I somehow doubt this will be addressed though for "balance reasons". I hope I'm wrong on that.