Heavy Weapon Rip Off!

Seeing that Heavey Weapon is the Deal of the Week I desided to buy this game. It keeps crashing everytime I load the game. It just freezes my xbox everytime I try and load the game. I have tried deleting and redownloading but nothing. I have only gotten to successfully load it once.


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Have you called Xbox Support?

Mine has been doing the same thing and i got it at the same time! Its pissing me off!

I have had Heavy Weapon for a long time and have never had it crash on me.  Do as Dight suggested and contact support.

Or delete the game clear your cache and try redownloading it.

Heavy Weapon player from close to day 1 here.  I've never had any issues, even with long-running 4 player sessions.


Maybe the file is currently corrupted on the Marketplace.  I'm sure Xbox support can help get it sorted.