Heat seekers broken (Post Patch)


DICE fails... again


-AA Missiles are more difficult to dodge in Jets, this was unintended behavior that created an imbalance against skilled pilots.
-AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.
-AA Missiles should no longer detonate before hitting their target or a Flare/ECM chaff cloud.



Good thing they play test before getting it certified. 


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This seems kind of fair because one time i was trying to take out a jet and every single time that person hit flares, and plus the jets can be deadly and some people can stay in them the whole game we need something that can get them down somewhat easily.   Also by AA you mean Anti Air correct?

I pretty much ignore everything that goes on in the air so i have not noticed this yet...

So more evidence that I don't have to worry about enemy jets in a dogfight?

lol.... epic fail.