Hearthfire Buyin land in Falkreath!?!?

I don't understand why I cannot buy the land in Falkreath, I don't even have the speech option. I'm not thane yet and I do not know how to start to become thane in Falkreath. But I got a letter from a courier saying to talk to the jatl of falkreath and he had no new speech options, and his steward has nothing to say to me either. I looked online and people keep saying he hates you for killing his housecarl from the dark brotherhood questline. i completed that questline and never had a quest to kill heldvar or whats his face, so i have no clue what people are talking about. I just want to know what to do to get him to open up the option, i just want to get this achievement thing and have the houses, but the game wont let me.


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When you talked to the Jarl did he ask you to do a quest? Generally speaking, he'll ask you to do a quest for him (quest depends on which Jarl it is). Then he'll offer you the position of thane once you help the people of the hold. And, he won't offer you the plot of land, his steward does.

Also, sometimes you have to complete Hircine's Daedra quest for any of the above to trigger.

As BlackHawkDrunk said. If it's the young rash Jarl, Go get him the special ale that he talked about. Then when you get back with it that also will trigger more dialogue with him. Then follow BHD's suggestion and take care of a small problem the Jarl has.

A courier will give you a note eventually. The Jarl of Flakreath will give you a quest to become Thane. That's how I have done it, but there are other ways, read up on it.

I have the same problem. I've bought the other two houses. I've been Thane of Falkreath for ages. The Jarl keeps calling me a miserable wretch and always has the same two you're a bit young for a Jarl and isn't being a Jarl difficult speech options. I've done over20 kill bandit chief, Kill dragon etc jobs for the steward but she never changes to offer the option to buy land. Looks like a bug.

When I did it, the Jarl asked me to take care of the Bandits. I already had done this for the Steward but had to do it again. So it may be a bug, but I do remember having to get him the good ale before he would even talk to me. And Yes I too was already a thane at that time but he acted as if I wasn't. He did however give me another sword after the quest.

Think you have to go to the house with the little girl ghost before talking to the jarl. Then he gives the quest.

I'm not positive but I have had 3 houses many times. You may have to talk to the magician on the docks.

Don't ask the jarl, ask the steward. The jarl will NOT have that dialogue option.

Wrong town Metal10957, they're talking about Falkreath, which only requires one random task for the jarl.

I had a long thread which addressed the same exact issue.    http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_360_games/t_z/elder_scrolls_v_skyrim/f/1733/t/420113.aspx

FINALLY I was able to get the house but make sure you complete the side quests. 


Try all of these

Make sure you speak to Nenya and Helvard after EVERY completed mission.


"You must complete the “Rare Gifts” favor, and the “Kill the Bandit Leader”
favor. You may then buy land from Steward Nenya. "I was stuck with Falkreath but
i did all the misc rare gift quests, once i did all them i was able to buy land
from the Jarl in Falkreath."
Rare Gift Quests
Getting the
book The Mirror for captain Aldis in Solitude
Getting a Mammoth Tusk for
Ysolda in Whiterun
Getting the book Song of the Alchemists for Lami in
Getting the book Night falls on Sentinel for Rustleif in
Getting an Amulet of Arkay for Torbjorn Shatter-Shield in
Windhelm "
**********Also from my experience in miscellaneous quests**********

"Receive a reading from Olava the Feeble" which leads to...
"Locate the Assassin of Old" 
after this mission I was able to finally get my house!!!  :)


Hopefully this helps. 



Sorry guys, I've never had that quest glitch on me. The house has issues. Good luck if you want your steward to decorate the house.

I reset everytime I play though, I don't know if that makes a difference, but I do it just to be safe.