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on ps3 it's only $10 bucks, so expect 800 ms points. Also- see you all on 4 different console Two-headed giant!!



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You are quick.  I literally just made this forum.

ha- I've been waiting on this for a while, I guess. Pretty excited about the late nights with friends on THG. and Archenemy too.

Glad to hear it - official info just posted!

Oh wow, also just heard that you can remove any card from the deck- as long as it has a minumum of 60!!!

When can we expect to be able to download this? Tonight or tomorrow morning?

Downloaded it last night for the PS3.  Since everybody has the free month of PS+, we were able to get it for eight bucks.  I was glad to see the core game has ten decks this time around.  Should make playing it a little less repetitive in comparison to when the core game for DotP came out.

Kinda like before...only two decks unlocked at the start...straight white and straight green.  I only played with the white deck but it seemed to have some decent synergy.  Winning your first game in campaign unlocks a red deck.  Haven't played with the editor much yet.

Great deal whether you pay 8 bucks with PS+ or 10 bucks over Live!

I wish I was playing it.  I downloaded it this morning for XBOX, but I have to leave the house at 6:30 am ET in order to get to work on time.  I started to play one match (didn't have time to finish it) and ended up leaving for work at around 6:45...needless to say I was a little late.

I CAN'T wait to get home after work to start the campaign, unlocks, challenges, etc...

I hope people are enjoying it.  This work day is dragging!!!!