Health Regen & Meds

We need to adress these meds! They are useless!  when an IF you get revived you
only have half the health an most times ZERO shields, and by the time you get
back on your feet? In most cases you die along with the person who tried to help
you, A health regeneration?  something like the Vorcha has? I doubt it would be
enough I think that we also need some med dispensers on the maps just like the
ammo dispensers, and thoase by the way also REALLY dont help much espicially
when it comes to re-suplying gernades? Am I right??


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i wish but they should do something about this at least for Gold and Platinum.soon as u use your med-gel near a Phantom,she just executes you instantly.

Yea dude, I know EXACTLY what you mean, which is why I have HUNDREDS of med-gels and like 30 something  spec ops packs. Damn med-gel is useless most of the time. Use it and go RIGHT back down since shields dont regenerate.