So I'm new to XBOX. I wanted a wireless headset to talk to my friends so I bought a turtle beach headset. Well it's not really wireless even though it says so. I still have to plug a wire into the controller to be able to chat with them. Maybe I'm not doing it right? Does anyone know of  a truly wireless headset to where I don't need the controller or one that hooks right into the console somehow? I'm trying to avoid plugging anything into the controller.


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The only one I know of is the Tritton Warhead since Madcatz has exclusive rights to the feature. You shouldn't be messing around with Turtle Beach or Tritton though at a high price. These are just gimmicks they sell in the game stores. The audio quality is rather hollow compared to better headsets There are much better options out there for wireless such as the Astro A50's but even those are going to be insulted by audiophiles as well as anything made for console besides the Astro Mixamp. I perfer wired myself since you can get much better sound quality.

The official Xbox 360 headset. It's only use of wires is for charging. www.amazon.com/.../ref=dp_ob_title_vg

Like this turtle beach? Ear Force xp500 If you look at the how it works it shows a blu tooth adapter plugged up to the 360 controller. The wireless on your turtle beach probably means its not powered through use of a usb port.