Heads Up -- When a game freeze is NOT a freeze

Possible Spoiler but watch out for this one -- In the Dark Brotherhood quest, the Brotherhood Burns, during a pitched and fiery battle, you climb inside a casket. When I did this, everything went dark and quiet.  My screen was completely black, not even the little white mist that we're used to seeing during loading screens. No sound at all. I waited for over a minute, then decided I must have experienced my first game freeze.  Went to do a hard shutdown when suddenly  I hear people on the outside trying to open then casket.  Weird.  It took forever, but apparently the game didn't actually freeze.  So, if this happens to you, give it a few minutes at least.

Anyone else experience this long delay at that point in the game?  Is this normal?  


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I don't know man, but the same thing happened to me.


I literally waited for over a minute then reset the 360.


Head in this time and do the same thing, only to have IT do the same thing. I waited and again, just before I decided to get up to turn it off, it shows signs of continuing.


Believe me, I saved right after that.

Same for me. All went quiet so I left it for a bit. Grabbed my laptop and found that people were having the game freeze here. Couldn't even get to the dashboard to restart, so got up to turn off the box and just I did so it all came back to life again. Instant save for me at that point.  :)

Happened to me as well, I think its just part of the game.

There is an error that occurs here for some people.  It is supposed to go dark and you are supposed to wait around a minute for rescue, but some people have to wait 5 or more minutes and some people get locked up.  best way to tell is to wait about 2 minutes, then try and bring up the guide menu (center button on the controller, one with the green X).  If the guide pops up you may want to try waiting a little longer.  If not, the console has frozen.  There was a video of this glitch being shot in the third person (camera was not fixed), it seems the characters who are coming to your rescue tend to get hung up on each other or objects as they are attempting to approach the coffin to save you.  They will literally walk into each other and attempt to walk through each other with no success, leaving you trapped in the coffin since the next stage can't trigger until they get close enough.

Thanks for the heads up. I will be doing these missions in the near future after I complete the Companions.