Heads up for the xbox live pets - COD 3 now infected like COD MW

Heads up for the xbox live pets.

Have not visited here in a few months as I simply no longer play COD MW now due to all the flying invincible cheats on there.

I have been playing CTF on COD 3 instead. Well, playing it tonight suddenly the game ground to a halt and I could not figure out why.

Then suddenly one of my own team flew past me high up in the air carrying the flag whilst an enemy player went around killing loads of people on my team because he was invincible.

So basically the COD MW hack is now being used in COD 3 - I wonder how long it is before that game is wrecked also. Odd how they are both Treyarch games IMPO.

I had an email from Microsoft last week saying that my Xbox live membership is up for renewal this month but I have cancelled the auto renewal as what is the point. I am sure not paying good money to Microsoft as I can't play games that I like online any more.

The COD MW cheats should have been stopped early on several months ago.


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