headphones ignored on surface pro 2

When I plug in headphones the game ignores this and keeps playing sound through the speakers. I've got the same problem with the MS Studios Solitaire. Other windows 8 apps don't exhibit this problem(the Xbox Music app works just fine for example). I've checked my default device settings and headphones are properly set as default. Is this a known issue in the games or a problem with the audio drivers on the surface pro 2 or some other issue I haven't considered?

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Hello Infinite Shoop,

Thank you for reporting this issue.  Your information has been passed on to our production team for investigation.  We may reach out for additional information.

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Hey, just to update on this I think I can help you narrow down the problem a bit.  The issue seems to be that when using Windows Audio Session for audio output the Surface Pro 2 will not switch to headphones when plugged in.  This is not the case when using Direct Sound instead.  Direct Sound properly switches to the headphones when plugged in.  Maybe you guys can yell at Microsoft to get them to fix Windows Audio Session to properly follow the default sound device as it seems to affect all the Microsoft Studios games I've got and a few other Modern UI apps as well.  

Thanks for the update! I'll pass this bit of info along as well and maybe see if I can poke some people in the Windows Audio group. =D It's worth a try!