Head Shots do not get a kill?

I have been experiencing on both Xbox 360 and One where head shots do not obtain a kill.

I cant count how many times I would get feedback of the hit where the player shot had only their head in view yet there is no kill. Not just a single shot, some times its several to uncountable hits.

I went from being in the top 7% in head shots last month to barely managing to make the required ten shots just to get a perk.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Looks like it's lag - just because you see them there doesn't mean their really there . They can be a split sec ahead or behind ( never trust the hit markers because they only go by what's on your screen ) same reason why players complain about curving bullets they think they ran around a corner before they where shot but in reality they where shot before they did

This is getting rediculous, this entire month has been nothing but lag. Im probably some where around a second behind the entire game. I have to play for hours to get some what in sinc with these games.

I have had my modem and lines tested and my ping is great for gaming, it tells me its the game.