he is a walkthrough of all new maps and character skins

just to get you all excited not long now


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thought you were trolling at first

also when it shows u the savage marauder on anvil gate is that not the savage creeper talk on the epic forums is they may have changed them will soon find out

Hmm..for the mostpart they look great and i cant wait to grab these later, BUT, they do seem samey to me, nothing really out of this world.A bit flat and to similar in shape, I was really looking forward to something a bit differant and im dissapionted with the finish on escalation, that was an excuse to make it real moody and foggy/raining maybe...i guess i just miss the darkness of the first one.

The juries out for me on THE SLAB..my most antisipated map, but it looks nothing like the finish on gears campaign but i know the proof is in the pudding.

cant wait

Escalation's spawns are terrible for tdm and king of the hill.

Nice vid ianbann82 and sorry for not replying to your message this morning had to catch some zzzz before work. These maps are huge...! see you online.

yeah no problem understand people cant also except invites