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I need help with my HDMI cable/tv setup... I did have a cheap HDMI cable for my xbox which then I used it for the PS3 and ever change I switched between the PS3 n 360 with the cable my xbox will no longer show a good hd.  I don't get it... Tonight I bought a new HDMI for my xbox and it only allows me to get a picture in 480p... it says on the box the cable came in full HD 1080p but when I click that on my HDMI settings the picture is way to big and doesn't all fit on screen...So how can I get a good quaity picture back with it all being able to fit on my tv.. im stumped.


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well after experimenting seems like it's not the cables...I tryed HDMI 1 which doesn't work for neither my ps3 or 360 the picture is big and can't get it to fit on screen unless it's in 480p which isn't good quailty. but I tryed HDMI 2 and everything is good on that.. so is there a way to fix these seems that something is maybe wrong with the HDMI 1 cause HDMI 2 works fine..

Wish I would have known that before I went bought a new cable now I just wasted $28 on something I didn't need.

Umm.. check your setting on your tv. it's possible it got switched in the settings.

ye check ur setting on tv or reset the tv setting to manufactor so its fresh then set it up again see if it works

Yeah, check the settings on your TV, if it still doesn't work, the HDMI port on the TV might be faulty.

after resetting my settings on the TV it worked! thanks guys! glad I can now use both my ps3 n 360 without having to change the HDMI cables all the time!